“Able Children of Islam: India, A Clever Son of Islam: Egypt”

Jun 1, 2014

Almost a century ago when Said Nursi was questioned about the backwardness and disunity of Islamic world by a Russian dier, he replied:
“l am astonished at your non understanding!”,

”Do you think it possible that this winter will continue? Every winter is followed by spring, and every night by day.”
“But the Islamic world is all broken up and fragmented.”said the Russian soldier. Nursi replied:

“They have gone to study.It is like this: India is an able son of Islam; it is studying in the high school of the British.
Egypt is a clever son of Islam; İt is taking lessons in the British school for civil servants .Caucasia and Turkestan are two valiant sons o Islam; they are training in the Russian war academy.And so on.”
“You see,after these noble sons of Islam have receivend their diplomas, each will lead a continent, and , waving the banner of Islam,Their just and mighty father, on the horizons of perfection , they will proclaim the mystery pf pre-eternal wisdom inherent in mankind in the view of pre- eternal divine determining and in the face of obstinate fate.” *

* Sukran Vahide, “Islam in Modern Turkey an Intellectual Biography of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi”, Suny Press, New York, 2005, p.84

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