Allah is one

Aug 4, 2014

“ALLAH is One.

Do not wear yourself out having recourse to other things;

do not demean yourself and feel indebted to them;

do not flatter them and fawn on them and humiliate yourself;

do not follow them and make things difficult for yourself;

do not fear them and tremble before them;

because the Monarch of the universe is One, the key to all things is with Him, the reins of all things are in His hand, everything will be resolved by His command.

If you find Him, you will be saved from endless indebtedness, countless fears.




**pic. by: Umut Sabuncu

post available also in this language / bu yazı ayrıca şu dilde mevcut;  Turkish

sharing islamic and humanistic posts here, on the perspective of Risale-i Nur Collection and its author: Bediüzzaman.


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