Christianity Will Submit To Islam! [ ♱↪☾]

Feb 21, 2014

Christianity will either erupt or be extinguished.
It will surrender and submit to Islam.
It was split repeatedly until finally Protestantism appeared, but in that it did not find what would rectify it.
The veil was again rent, it fell into absolute misguidance.
However, a part of it approached the affirmation of Divine unity; in that it will find salvation.
It is preparing to be split again.
If it is not extinguished, it will be purified and will join Islam.
In this lies a mighty mystery to which the Glory of the Messengers alluded when he said:

“Jesus will come and follow my Shari‘a; he will be of my community.”**

Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

**Bukhari, iv, 205; Muslim, i, 136; Bijuri, Jawharat al-Tawhid, 29, 232.


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