dad! – baba!

A father desires only his son, and no one else, to be much better than himself, however, the son cannot claim any rights over his father in return for this.

That is to say, there is no inherent cause for dispute between parents and child. This is because dispute arises from envy and jealousy and there is nothing of this in the father towards his son.

Or it arises from abuse of rights and the son has no rights that he can claim against his father. If he considers his father to be unjust, he may not rebel against him.

That is to say, one who does rebel against his father and cause him pain is a monster, a corrupted human being.


Mâdem peder kimseyi değil, yalnız veledinin kendinden daha ziyâde iyi olmasını ister; ona mukabil, veled dahi pedere karşı hak dâvâ edemez.

Demek vâlideyn ve veled ortasında fıtraten sebeb-i münâkaşa yok. Zîrâ münâkaşa, ya gıpta ve hasedden gelir. Pederde oğluna karşı o yok. Veya münâkaşa, haksızlıktan gelir.

Veledin hakkı yoktur ki, pederine karşı hak dâvâ etsin.

Pederini haksız görse de, ona isyan edemez.

Demek, pederine isyan eden ve onu rencide eden, insan bozması bir canavardır.


sharing islamic and humanistic posts here, on the perspective of Risale-i Nur Collection and its author: Bediüzzaman.

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