Do not say: ” time’s changed, this age (era) is different! “

Apr 14, 2014

O my soul! Do not say, “The times have changed, this age is different, everyone is plunged into this world and worships this life. Everyone is drunk with the struggle for livelihood.”
For death does not change. Separation is not transformed into permanence and become different.
Man’s impotence and poverty do not change, they increase.
Man’s journey is not cut, it becomes faster.

And do not say, “I am like everyone else.”

For everyone befriends you only as far as the grave. And the consolation of being together with everyone else in disaster has no basis beyond the grave.

14 th word by; Bediüzzaman Said Nursî

sharing islamic and humanistic posts here, on the perspective of Risale-i Nur Collection and its author: Bediüzzaman.


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