From Darkness to the Light (Nur): A Poem in Praise of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi and his Contribution

Jun 22, 2014


A scholar of highest eminence and fame, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi was his name,
In his 40s, he witnessed the Ottoman Empire’s decline, And in weakness of faith, he saw a Muslim’s shame.

Though he suffered harassment, imprisonment, and persecution, Still, he wrote Risala-e-Nur, during the years of exile and isolation, He was indeed galvanized and stimulated by a vision,
And not deceived and mislead by any illusion.

He had full belief that to Believers, Allah provides Protection, And Guides them unto Light from darkness and delusion, Nursi was determined, courageous, and strong-minded,
And was equipped with valor and audacity of conviction.

Taking guidance from the Qur’an and Prophetic Tradition,
He worked hard to spread the Message with firm Passion
And worked out Risala-e-Nur—the ‘Treatise of Light’,
Fully in agreement with pristine Islam, having no contradiction.

Fully optimistic, he enjoined his fellows to work collectively,
And begin for a new course and make it a victory,
He tried hard to weave his dream, and knit his vision,
And with truthfulness, firm belief and honesty, he made it reality.

A scholar of highest eminence and fame,
Badiuzzaman Said Nursi was his name,
He spread his message through the ‘Treatise of Light’,
With full belief in Allah, Who guides believers from darkness to Light.

Tauseef AHMAD
Deptt. of Islamic Studies ,
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, (INDIA)

sharing islamic and humanistic posts here, on the perspective of Risale-i Nur Collection and its author: Bediüzzaman.


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