How can Hazrat Azrael (A.S.) (The Angel of Death) take away the spirits of thousands of people by himself?

Nov 26, 2014

The presence of a single speaker on TV at the same time in every home and the instant transmitting of all news to every viewer; should set a good example for the presence of Hazrat Azrael’s (A.S.) in the home of every person, whose death time has come. As science develops, the proof of such events will become easier.

A civil servant who works at an electric supply system of a city can turn off thousands of lamps within one second. He can cause a city to be plunged into darkness in a split second. Besides, these examples are all from the material world. The beings we are mentioning here are from the spiritual world. That is, this becomes easier to understand.

As the real being of Hazrat Azrael, who is an individual of the world of similitude waits at a headquarters, beings representing him become manifest near the people to die and take away their spirits. It is like a speaker who is in Ankara but is heard in all houses where there are television sets.

Can we say, “How will a man who is in New York will be seen and heard all over the country?”

Why should something that can be possible in the systems produced by human beings be impossible for Allah, who gave human beings the knowledge and intelligence? Besides, Azrael has assistants. It is known that he appointed them. Then, the issue seems every easy.

Moreover, the electricity is single but it is seen all over the city in the light bulbs, ovens and refrigerators at the same time and it functions in all those places.

On the other hand, the law of gravity is single but it attracts things all over the world at the same time.

If electricity and the law of gravity do so many things at the same time, it is easier for the angel appointed to take away the spirits to take away thousands of spirits at the same time.

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