what is islam? explain shortly..

Feb 27, 2014

ISLAM is one of the derivatives of a common root, S-L-M, for many related words in Arabic such as AS-SALAM and MUSLIM. The derivatives are formed by applying the root form to different linguistic patterns.
One God-One Religion
God is One. So, is His religion, and its name has been Islam since the first human being and the prophet of God, Adam. Muhammad is one and the last of the prophets of the religion of Islam.
We are Muslims, too
It is not possible for Abraham to be either a Jew or a Christian as he is the forefather of all. When they were raising the foundations of the House of God, i.e., Ka’ba, Abraham and his son Ismael prayed to be two Muslims to God and to have a Muslim progeny, too (Qur’an 2:128). “Abraham was not a Jew nor a Christian, but he was true in faith and a Muslim. He joined not gods with God (3:67).” What is a Muslim then? Qur’an tells us that Muslims existed among the ancient people and nations and uses the word in the sense ‘one who bowes to the will of God.’


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