Panel “An Introduction to Said Nursi” at JNU

Feb 27, 2014

Finally the Panel “An Introduction to Said Nursi” at JNU successfully came to end. Around 200 students and professors from distinguished schools joined the conference which was really a big crowed. The purpose of the Seminar was to establish a dialogue among intellectuals and students, to share the knowledge, to explore the obstacles and challenges of modern society and to recognize the core problem of human beings with the help of the Nursi’s tool of “Recognition Theory” which mainly focuses on individual purification.

Dr. Mujibur Rehman addressed the panel and introduced the panelists and Dean of School of Language  Literature and Cultural Studies Dr. Islahi welcomed those panelists and then a short audio-visual film on Nursi has been screened. After then respected panelist DR. FURKAN AYDINER, KING SAUD UNIVERSTY, SAUDI ARABIA delivered a very nice lecture on Nursi. He pointed out that Nursi came up with “Education Project” which based on Quranic pedagogy. His whole business of Education project was to deal with the core problem of human and human society “ignorance, conflict and poverty” with help of pen. He pointed out that in Nursi’s view change comes through idea and ideas can only brought through educate people with help of Qur’anic methodology. He also pointed out that to understand the Quranic methodology or hermeneutics of Quran, science should be used for that he used religious science. Therefore there should be joint teaching or study of religion and modern science. He pointed out that Quranic commentators should be scientist. He also pointed out that the whole business of Nursi’s view is Belief, which is like light to see something clearly. He also talked about the Humanization and dehumanization, constructive idea of Quranic paradigm, Quranic Civilization, free will etc. He also pointed out that the beauty of Nursi’s thought is Non- Violence and Freedom. He was totally against violation in spite of being suppressed. In round table discussion a girl asked a question to Dr. Furkan Aydiner what the Nursi’s view about women is. He pointed out that Nursi viewed that men and women are equal and he is totally against suppression of women in fact he is against any kind of suppression. Nursi said I can live without breathe but not without freedom. Nursi viewed that it is better live single or unmarried than being a slave of man. DR. ÖZGÜR KOCA, Claremont Lincoln University, USA pointed out that Nursi’s view is egalitarian. Man and women complete each other.

A Ph.D scholar of Political Science Manu M.R viewed during an interview that Nursi’s interpretation of Islam throws up exciting possibilities in the multicultural post Enlightenment world. A student from German Language and Literature, Rajeev Raushan viewed that Nursi’s recognition theory gives a unique perception to look around and recognize oneself. For him Nursi’s philosophy develops his inner perception and makes him able to discover common human ways of understanding of life, helps him to identify himself and open his minds to ambiguous meaning as well.

Ahmad Aikan gave a thanks speech and hoped such dialogue in future again and again. He specially thanked to Ihsan Altintas (Center of Social Science) and Rajeev Raushan (Center of German Studies) for giving a appreciable effort to make the Panel big success. He said that Nursi’s idea is for the whole mankind so we should work together for peace, harmony, brotherhood and humanity.


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