The owner of Nur Factory: Hafız Ali

May 31, 2014

Hafiz Ali Ergun was born in 1898 in Islamkoy. He was known for his for his tireless efforts in producing hand written copies of the Risale-i Nur. Ustad Bediuzzaman Said Nursi called Hafiz Ali’s town Islamkoy a Nur factory and due to Hafiz Ali’s sincerity and efforts he saw Hafiz Ali as the owner of that factory. In 1943, Hafiz Ali was sentenced to Denizli Prison alongside with Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. At that time, an attempt was made to poison and kill Said Nursi by his enemies. During this time, Hafiz Ali became ill and was transported to hospital. He died on the 17th March, 1944. When Hafiz Ali died, Ustad Bediuzzaman said the following:
“Hafiz Ali has taken my place in travelling to the intermediate realm.”
Many of Hafiz Ali’s letters to Bediuzzaman Said Nursi can be found in Kastamonu Lahikasi and Barla Lahikasi.

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