The Words of Prince Bismarck on the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Jan 10, 2014

“O Muhammad! I truly regret not being your contemporary.

Scrutinizing heavenly books, which are said to be sent by Allah to manage people in various eras, I could have seen no wisdom and accuracy. Those laws are not eligible to ensure happiness of society, even not a family.

However, Muslims’ Quran is free from this description. I scrutinized the Quran in every aspect. I observed the great wisdom in each word of it. Even though enemies of Muslims claim that this book is Muhammad’s word, claiming that such a wonderful will arose from the most perfect brain means just ignoring the truth and winking at hatred and grudge which is incompatible with enlightenment and wisdom.

I claim that Muhammad is a distinguished power. It is far out of possibility to bring up such a hand of power again.

O Muhammad! I’m sad that I’m not in your time. The book you are the teacher of and publisher of, is not yours. It is divine.

Denying its divinity is as ridiculous as claiming that science is fallacious.

That is why humanity will not see a distinguished powerful person like you once more. I bend the knee of a deep reverence in your presence.”


Prince Bismarck


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