Why doesn’t Quran tells future so obviously that everyone accepts, believes?

Apr 6, 2014

If you say: “None of my doubts remains now after these investigations, and I affirm that together with other wonders, in the Qur’an are allusions to and indications of the wonders of modern civilization, indeed, to further advancements. Everything necessary for man’s happiness in this world and the next is found within it in relation to its worth. But why does the Qur’an not mention them explicitly so that obstinate unbelievers would be compelled to confirm it, and our hearts also would be easy?


   The Answer:


Religion is an examination, a test, proposed by Allah so that in the arena of competition elevated spirits and base spirits may be distinguished from one another.

Just as materials are plunged in the fire so that diamonds and coal, gold and earth, separate out from one another, so too religion is a trial concerning the obligations placed on man by God and a driving to competition, which is what this abode of examination consists of.

In this way the elevated jewels in the mine of man’s abilities become separated out from the dross. Since the Qur’an was revealed in this abode of examination for man to be perfected through trial in the arena of competition, it will surely only allude to the hidden events of the future pertaining to this world which everyone will see, and will only open the door to the reason to a degree that proves its argument.

If it mentioned them explicitly, the mystery of man’s accountability would be negated. Simply, it would be as self-evident as writing There is no god but Allah clearly in stars on the face of the skies. Then everyone would have to affirm it whether they wanted to or not. There would be no competition, and the examination too would go for nothing. A spirit like coal would remain on the same level of a spirit like diamonds.*

In Short:

The All-Wise Qur’an is wise. It affords everything a position in relation to its value. Thus, one thousand three hundred years ago, the Qur’an saw concealed in the darkness of the future, man’s hidden fruits and progress, and showed them in a form better than we see and shall see. That means the Qur’an is the Word of One Who sees at the same instant all time and all within it.

  * * * 

The Words – 274


* Abu Jahl the Accursed and Abu Bakr the Truthful would appear to be equal, and the mystery of the examination set by God, lost.



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