Fhe Flag Incident – Bediüzzaman Said Nursi and Republic day

Oct 29, 2015

One `Republic Day’, that is, 29 October, while Bediuzzaman was in Afyon Prison, perhaps hoping `to provoke an incident’, the Govemor had the national flag, the famous star and crescent, hung on Bediuzzaman’s ward, obviously believing that Bediuzzaman would be displeased or discomforted by this, and maybe try to have it removed.

How little these officials understood Bediuzzaman!
Bediuzzaman, who had been “a religious republican” since an early age, and had spent his entire life striving for the good and salvation of the Turkish nation and country, both on the battlefield and with his pen. So Bediuzzaman wrote the Govemor a letter. It went like this:

“Sir! “I thank you for having the flag of the Independence Holiday hung on my ward. During the National Action in Istanbul, Ankara knew that I had performed the service of maybe a military division through publishing and distributing my work The Six Steps against the British and Greeks, for twice Mustafa Kemal notified me in cypher wanting me to go to Ankara. He even said: `We have to have this heroic hoca here!’ That is to say, it is my right to hang this flag this holiday.

“Said Nursi”

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