Jan 3, 2015

Concerning marriage, one of man’s most intense needs is to have someone respond to him with heartfelt love and to share with [his partner] pleasure and intimacy, and for them to together feel wonder [at the divine bounties] and to ponder over them.

You must have observed that if someone sees something unusual that perplexes him and makes him think, he calls on someone, if only mentally, to share his perplexity.
And the gentlest of hearts, and the kindest and warmest, are those of the second sex. And those whose spirits will blend fully and hearts will achieve complete intimacy, and whose outward union will be pure and chaste are those of the second sex who have been purified and cleansed of bad morals and unpleasant traits.

Bediüzzaman Said Nursî.  Signs of Miraculousness

post available also in this language / bu yazı ayrıca şu dilde mevcut;  Turkish

sharing islamic and humanistic posts here, on the perspective of Risale-i Nur Collection and its author: Bediüzzaman.


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