Positive Action and its Importance in the Preaching of Nur | Dr. Mamoun Jarrar

Feb 25, 2015

Said Nursi encourages constructive and positive reaction in all circumstances of thought, warning, and invitation to the truth. Basing it on his past experiences, Nursi emphasizes this: using violence against the problems in the Muslim World only makes way for damage and harm. For this reason, Nursi has dedicated himself to education, guidance, and renovation in order for faith (iman) to be proven and take root.

Those who read the life of Nursi will notice that while he had been faced with various injustices and cruelties, none of these had happened due to a crime he had committed. Nursi had been exiled, kept under surveillance, forced into residence, and imprisoned unrightfully many times.

Despite having a personality that couldn’t tolerate cruelty, he had never responded to these conditions with violence. In its place, he had remained patient and accepted God’s will, and to make a change, he hadn’t leaned toward negative action that would lead to divides within the community.

Instead he had followed a method that protected people and countries from all types of negative backlash, and aimed for ways to benefit all humans.

He had made it a personal principle to respond to cruelty with positivity. Using this principle, he had developed a special method for spreading God’s invitation to people. Work done with this principle in mind signifies Muslims inviting people in the way God wants them to spread his invitation. And while people serve this cause, the success of their service depends on God’s will and is not upon them as individuals.

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