The recitation of the Prophet’s (UWBP) Mevlid

Jan 2, 2015

The recitation of the Prophet’s (UWBP) Mevlid and its section about his Ascension is a fine, beneficial custom and admirable Islamic practice.

It strengthens in a pleasant, shining, and agreeable way the fellowship of Islamic social life; it is gratifying and pleasurable instruction in the truths of faith; and is an effective and stimulating way of depicting and encouraging the lights of belief, and love of God, and love for the Prophet (UWBP).

May Almighty God cause this custom to continue to eternity, and may He grant mercy to the writers of Mevlids like Süleyman Efendi, and a place in Paradise. Amen.

Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

post available also in this language / bu yazı ayrıca şu dilde mevcut;  Turkish

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