Positive Action and its Importance in the Preaching of Nur | Dr. Mamoun Jarrar

Said Nursi encourages constructive and positive reaction in all circumstances of thought, warning, and invitation to the truth. Basing it on his past experiences, Nursi emphasizes this: using violence against the problems in the Muslim World only makes way for damage and harm. For this reason, Nursi has dedicated himself to education, guidance, and renovation […]

A contemporary perspective on Islamic “Jihad” from Said Nursi

When poorly informed commentators in the media increasingly use the term jihadi or jihad to describe the violent and often murderous actions of certain muslims; it compels a reasoned and polite response from those who understand the applicability of the term. Indeed, the verbal noun jihād, derived from the root jahada – has a general […]

From Darkness to the Light (Nur): A Poem in Praise of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi and his Contribution

  A scholar of highest eminence and fame, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi was his name, In his 40s, he witnessed the Ottoman Empire’s decline, And in weakness of faith, he saw a Muslim’s shame. Though he suffered harassment, imprisonment, and persecution, Still, he wrote Risala-e-Nur, during the years of exile and isolation, He was indeed galvanized […]


FIRST INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON BEDIUZZAMAN SAID NURSI The Ideas of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi in the Thirtieth Year Since His Death and Their Place in Islamic Thought 16 March 1991, Istanbul   Man‟s desire to make sense of himself and the world in which he finds himself is fundamental to his nature and is his greatest […]

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