Rajab mubaraq!

the reward(hasanah) yielded by good works at other times are tenfold, in the month of Rajab they are more than a hundredfold, in Sha’ban they exceed three hundredfold, and in Ramadan they reach a thousandfold, while on Fridays in Ramadan they reach thousands and on the Night of Power may reach thirty thousand. It is […]

Bediuzzaman’s Vision of Education and Science!

Bediuzzaman, a different man.. All different from his era. He is a Muslim Scholar but has opinions on nearly all subjects related to islam.. Once you read his books, dont need any other islamic book to read..Bediüzzaman has also opinions on education. But his opinions are so important and can be read whether you are […]

Unique Features of the Conference, by Dr. Obaidullah Fahad

06/03/2014 Unique Features of the Conference The 3rd International Nursi Studies Conference in India on “Risale-i-Nur: Knowledge, Faith, Morality and the Future of Humanity” which was jointly organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture Turkey and Department of Islamic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh on February 11 -13, 2014 had the following unique features: 1.     The Conference exclusively avoided the participation […]

a short lifestory of our prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

HIS LIFE  1. Introduction to Muhammad’s Life “Verily! this Qur’an guides unto that which is straightest, and gives glad tidings unto the believers who do good works that theirs will be a magnificent reward.” Qur’an 17:9 2. The Lands Surrounding the Arabian Peninsula The situation the Roman empire was far from enviable. The Byzantine Empire […]

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