Reciting (reading) Sura al-Ikhlas a thousand times on the Day of ‘ Arafa.

My Dear, Blessed Brothers!   Very many greetings…   In former times in my native region, we used to recite Sura al-Ikhlas a thousand times on the Day of ‘Arafa.   Now, I am able to recite five hundred on the day before, and five hundred on the Day of ‘Arafa. Those who are confident […]

Mehmed Kırkıncı Ağabey died.

Mehmed Kırkıncı Ağabey died hours ago. May Allah send him to Paradise.  

Be careful, when loving someone!

Indeed, according to the meaning of اَلْمَرْءُ مَعَ مَنْ اَحَبَّ ( ‘a person will be together with whom he loves’ ) , an ordinary man may approach the highest station by following an exalted person whom he loves. From Risale-i Nur Collection

You can enter grave ONLY in these 3 WAYS!

The grave is there and no one can deny it. Whether they want to or not, everyone must enter it. And apart from the following three ‘Ways’, there is no other way it can be approached: First Way: For those who believe, the grave is the door to a world far better than this world. Second […]

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